What Do You Know About Lakeside’s National Trauma Training?

As you may know, Lakeside has become an organization in our region to offer specialized trauma-informed training. To date, we have trained thousands of professionals who work with trauma-impacted individuals, and in particular, children who have been traumatized.

We have trained thousands of professionals in trauma-informed care

Participant in an onsite Trauma-informed Training
Participant in an onsite Trauma-informed Training

Our training has been utilized in schools, human service organizations, clinics, early childhood centers, parenting organizations, prisons, and a number of other organizations (as in photo).  We have been extremely pleased to provide extensive coursework in trauma and trauma-informed care which has helped to equip our participants with specialized knowledge, new lenses to perceive and understand trauma, and acquire the skills to assist those who have have lived through significant traumatic events.

Lakeside offers an extensive curriculum in trauma-informed care.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes a:

Further, we have a number of advanced coaching sessions encompassing a wide range of trauma topics relative to caregivers for people who suffer from significant trauma issues each day.

Now we are planning to offer our trauma courses in a broadcast format. 

We will be able to replicate our training for any group willing to meet and be trained together online via the Internet.  We are now in the process of building studios from which our professional trainers will be able to broadcast our trauma-informed care training curriculum beyond the Philadelphia region, to any part of the country.

We are currently developing this new format. We plan to have it available to groups all over the country this summer and are excited to have the opportunity to offer this upcoming expansion of our trauma-informed training.

Requests for our training are coming in from other states.

We are already receiving requests for our training from other states.

I will continue to update you as we progress and notify you of the release date of our trauma-informed training care online courses.

We are enthusiastic about this new development and opportunity for growth that will allow us to touch many more lives with our training and support. Stay tuned to Lakeside Connect!

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network



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