What About Our Children?

As I watch the news and all the hype on the upcoming elections, I am extremely concerned about some of the significant issues that seem to be lost in all the political charades that continue to rise up. It appears we are sinking into serious political posturing which seems to have caused a stalemate on very important issues.

Are we talking about the future for our children in the politics of the moment

presidential political debate candidatesI know many Americans are concerned about their quality of life. And other, more specific issues, need to be addressed.

When we consider such issues facing our children: child abuse, drug addiction, poverty, violence, healthcare, educational stability, bullying, cyber-bullying (and many other critical problems in our families), we really need to bring attention to and discuss potential resolutions for these prevalent crises.  Funding has been cut for schools, rehabilitation centers, recreational centers, and a host of human services that provide real help to our children and families.  I am extremely concerned about the future of our children and our country if we don’t prioritize their importance in our society.

The Adverse Child Experience(ACE) studies have clearly demonstrated that the adverse events that occur in the lives of our children have effects that last into adulthood. Consequences of these ACEs cost taxpayers millions of dollars just in healthcare expense. Why can’t we see the state of our children is so significant to the future of our communities and our American Society?

Although I deeply appreciate the need for policy discussion and political diversity, I have to say that it appears children and teenagers have gone off the radar in central discussions of our political climate. In fact, they ought to be one of the most important discussions for the future of America.

I urge voters to insist on knowing what the policies will be be regarding the care of our children.

We have so much to lose and political discord or stalemates will not help.

I am hopeful that we can reset the course of the United States to become a country that is known for the protection, care and development of our children through strong support in meeting their needs.  Our future depends on it.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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