Videos and Messages About a Teen’s Effects of Bullying

Sometimes our students need to hear a voice from their peers, especially when they are struggling as victims of violence or bullying. It is helpful (and just good) to know that someone has been through the ordeal and lived past being bullied by peers.

Words do hurt, videos by Alye Pollock

Words do hurt, a look one year later at bullying victim Alye Pollock
Words do hurt: a look one year later at bullying victim Alye Pollock

Today in my post, I want to lean on the experience and messages of Alye Pollock. She posted a significant bullying video about a year ago, and now reflects in her own style some messages that I think every bullying victim needs to hear: it gets better.

I highly recommend sharing this video. If you know of a child or teenager that is currently being, or has been, bullied, refer him or her to Alye’s YouTube video.

Thanks, Alye for your courage and creativity. We celebrate your willingness to share your story.

I think these messages are so important for us all to hear. You are a survivor, and I hope you will inspire many to join you as they deal with their own recovery from being bullied!

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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