Valentine’s Day Optimism

Happy Valentines Day design.

We all recognize that Valentine’s Day is a popularized event that bolsters our card, candy, restaurant and flower industries. The idea of celebrating love and romance is something that seems to have meaning to many individuals, couples and families. 

Quite honestly it is a nice break from all the controversies in the news, politics and COVID-19 contagion numbers and health protocols that cause so much discord. I recently was looking for something sweet to leave on the desks of my office members at Lakeside for Valentine’s Day.  For one of the first years I can remember, I actually went to my typical stores and found shelf after shelf completely empty.  Sometimes whole aisles were empty that formerly held cards, stuffed animals, fun novelties and rows of candy.  It was all gone!

At first I was a bit annoyed and I started thinking about the supply issues and wondered how that impacted my inability to find what I wanted. However, as I processed what was really going on it hit me that this was such a positive thing to witness in our society today.

stylized valentine heart made from two swashes and isolated on white. vector information included along with clipping path.

I think of grandparents buying special items for their grandchildren, parents buying something special for their kids, romantic partners wanting to find something very special for their loved one and so many others wanting to express love and care to someone in their life who is very special to them. Experts tell us that this is one of the most expensive Valentine’s Days we have had for some time and yet restaurants are full and most of the gifts are completely sold out!  

In a world full of pandemic sickness, death, stress, controversy, political turmoil and so much social media discord, it is encouraging to recognize that there is such momentum to share love in tangible ways. I saw people standing in line and spending significant amounts of their own resources just for love. I think it speaks so dynamically to how we want to express our emotions of care and support to those who mean something to us. Yes, love is alive and well in our society.

I actually did find something after about 4 stores of searching but in each experience of seeing almost no Valentine’s merchandise I became quite encouraged to find that so many people care and are willing to show it. Wouldn’t it be amazing if that became more universal in our country and we could care for everyone that way? What an amazing difference love can make! It can create such a deep and meaningful appreciation and affirmation of those that we encounter each day.

Heart valentines background. Please check my portfolio for more valentines illustrations.

I hope that has been your experience and that those you care about have affirmed you and shown unconditional love to you. Please make sure your children always know that love and support. I know Valentine’s Day is commercialized but it sure does feel good to see so many people caring about each other enough to provide that special something or event to honor our close relationships. It gives me a sense of hope and optimism!

Gerry Vassar


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