MOH Recipient Ty Carter Speaks for Veterans Who Have PTSD

I have been writing on issues related to military and veteran post-traumatic stress. On August 26, 2013, Staff Sergeant Ty Carter received the Medal of Honor for his demonstrated bravery in Afghanistan (2009) when he saved the lives of his comrades. One day later, the Pentagon inducted him into its Hall of Heroes. Carter has a lot to say because of his awards, including how upon returning home, he suffered post-traumatic stress.

Meet Ty Carter – Medal of Honor Winner

Ty Carter advocates for veterans with PTSD (photo courtesy of
Ty Carter advocates for veterans with PTSD (photo courtesy of

When Staff Sergeant Ty Carter returned home, he had no knowledge of his PTSD nor the impact it would soon create on his family and life. However, Carter has since become a spokesperson for veterans with post-traumatic stress. He advocates for programs where veterans can get the help by talking to someone who understands this issue.

He also suggests avoiding calling this condition a disorder because he wants to normalize it as a protective part of a veteran’s response to trauma triggers.

To inform veterans how to get help for post-traumatic stress, Carter, partnering with his wife, is traveling the country. Together they manage his post-traumatic stress and engender advocacy.

Take a look at this video which says it all.

Ty Carter has not only been a hero on the battlefield but also in his willingness to help other veterans who have had similar PTS experiences.

AVTO’s and Lakeside’s trauma program for veterans 

The program that Lakeside has designed with the American Veterans Tribute Organization is very much aligned with the issues that Ty Carter has raised in this video interview. I think he has made some excellent observations through firsthand experience with this PTS and its consequences to our veterans.

Thank you, Ty for your service to our country, for your heroism, compassion and care for veterans with post-traumatic stress. Ty’s courage and character represents the spirit of our military and their families.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

Video source: MSNBC TV

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