Trauma Symposium for Service Professionals in Philadelphia

Before we can address how trauma impacts our children, we must raise awareness that particularly in our cities, approximately 40% of children are affected. Further, early detection of trauma will permit early therapy and treatment so children will have an opportunity to succeed. Because of concern that many individuals do not understand the life-altering impact of trauma on children, Lakeside is partnering with the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania (UWSEPA), and St. Josephs University to co-sponsor an astute symposium for service professionals to be held in Philadelphia in November.

New trauma lenses for ECE communities in Philadelphia

Dr. Bruce Perry
United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania is sponsoring Dr. Perry who will be presenting his Neurosequential Model of Caregiving for traumatized children.

Lakeside Educational Network has been providing professional development to a variety of service organizations and leaders in the City of Philadelphia through the Institute for Family Professionals (IFP) which serves children in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. Because of our partnership with the UWSEPA, which has shared our ongoing commitment and given legs to our mission of helping children through its Healthy Parenting Initiative, IFP has had positive and significant impact in caring for the children influenced in these communities.

We again appreciate the opportunity to partner with UWSEPA, and St. Josephs University, to co-sponsor an initiative to support the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centers  throughout our region to develop trauma lenses.

Trauma-informed care certification program

To assist us in launching this initiative, Dr. Bruce Perry will be presenting his Neurosequential Model of Caregiving for traumatized children. Dr. Sandra Bloom, who has developed the Sanctuary Model for caring for trauma victims, will be validating the focus on trauma triage. The initiative intends to equip those involved in citywide programs, and hopefully, beyond.

Because Lakeside has been concerned to help the ECE professionals gain new trauma lenses for the children in their care, we have designed a full trauma-informed care certification program. Lakeside’s Diane Wagenhals, Program Director for IFP, will be working with Dr. Perry and Dr. Bloom to develop a curriculum. The Institute’s new trauma program will be made available to the professional community of caregivers for children throughout the city. The program will be the first step in helping ECE centers, trainers and teachers, staff, service delivery personnel, parents and families to develop trauma lenses–to be trauma-informed.

Hoping to set a national trend

Dr. Sandra Bloom
Dr. Bloom served as Founder and Executive Director of the Sanctuary programs. She will be presenting information on trauma triage.

We are looking forward to this Symposium on Trauma to help us launch what we hope will begin a national trend for helping our cities develop programs for traumatized children. We are excited about the new trauma-informed care and trauma triage programs, and are encouraged to participate in the development of them on behalf of the children and families in Philadelphia.

We hope to continue to enjoy a great relationship with the ECE community through this training and with the hundreds of childcare professionals who have received knowledge and skills for healthy care of children.

The Symposium on Trauma will take place November 2 at the American Philosophical Society, 427 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Funding will be provided by Independence Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Philadelphia

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

Note: For more information about sponsoring or hosting a trauma program for professionals in your region, contact us here.

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