The Power of Touch Assists in Survival

One of the most risky moments for parents of babies, specifically twins is premature birth because the infants are undeveloped. These children are at such high-risk for numerous health issues, even mortality. How can we assist survival and health for these at-risk little ones?

 A story of how important touch can be to infants

Have you hugged your child today?
Have you hugged your child today?

Current research shows human touch in newborns and early infancy is directly related to the overall physical and emotional health of the child.

In the extraordinary video that follows is the story of a nurse who, 17 years ago, was willing to violate hospital policy and use her own judgment and initiative to help a tiny twin in crisis. Her help encouraged this infant to survive.

Because of her story, the future of medicine altered with regard to how twins would be cared for. This story is amazing, intriguing and compelling, and once again helps us to realize how important touch can be to the life of a premature baby.

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Touch is healthful for everyone

For women who many be pregnant or have very small babies, this story is another example of how important it is to provide nurturing touch to your baby.

In fact, even teenagers are more healthy if they receive healthy touch from their parents. It takes some real finesse to hug a child or teenager sometimes, but it is well worth the angst in light of the relational bonds and health that touch can create.

Yes, it is well worthwhile to hug your child at any age.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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