The Plight of Students Who Are Labeled with a Disability

When we think about our educational systems, we often fail to consider the millions of disabled students who are attending our schools, colleges and universities. I think it is important to raise our awareness of students who have faced some type of disability. 

Facing life’s challenges from a disabled student’s perspective

Ola Ojewumi
Ola Ojewumi

CNN recently published an article by Ola Ojewumi, an activist, journalist and a community organizer based in Washington. Ojewumi founded two nonprofits, Sacred Hearts Children’s Transplant Foundation and Project ASCEND. She has written for the White House’s website, the online version of Marie Claire magazine, and the American Association of University Women. However, as a child, she suffered from a rare heart condition that dramatically impacted her life growing up.

Teachers and others negatively labeled her as lazy

She notes that a disability is not necessarily a label one is born with but can be acquired over time. Also, a disability does not always provide a signal via one’s appearance. Still, it can forever change one’s life.

Read how it changed hers and why she is an activist for reform and special education who fights hard for those who are differently abled to achieve their dreams. She will continue to “tell the world that when you lessen the opportunities and expectations of young people, their disability is not what’s crippling them. You are.”

Thank you Ola, for sharing your experiences and perspectives through this linked story.  We all can be more aware of our impact to those in our lives who are disabled.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network



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