The Impact of Beauty

Today was a very special day for my dear wife Christine and me.  She had it on her bucket list to see and walk the rim of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It was absolutely spectacular, with beauty beyond belief and it instilled a sense of awe that only such a natural wonder can yield. It was very cold there with recent snow covering all the foliage and ground. Yet, the beauty of naturally formed rock, mountains, canyons and the Colorado River was overwhelming.

Beauty and brain states

Grand Canyon South Rim
Grand Canyon South Rim. (Photo courtesy of

People from the world over came to witness this phenomenon, and all were enthralled with its majesty and dynamic nuances. We spoke with a woman who traveled all the way from China to experience such beauty.

As we walked the South Rim and witnessed the ever-present glory of such awe-inspiring sights, I could not help but think about what magnificence does for how we are inspired, how we perceive and gain serenity. There is just something about naturally occurring wonders…they leave our perspective in a very different place,  give us a sense of something bigger than life itself, something that exists for its own function and for the aesthetics of nature, something created for our enjoyment and reverence.

It just seems that breathtaking adulation should be a healthy part or aspect of who we are.

In our everyday existences, we have become so functional and busy. We engage in the mundane, handling the problems, working for the paycheck. We get captured by the ordinariness of life in which there is very little beauty or appreciation for what can incite us to become overwhelmed with the wonder of life.

This focus can leave us in a low brain state.

In a low brain state, we can be bored, uninspired and generally living in what I call unhappy status quo. Certainly, life can give us problem situations and angst.  Yet, living in a larger than life scenario can inspire us, take us beyond the limits of our functional world and provide the ability to think and act differently.

The point I want to make is that we should all be looking for beauty around us.

We have the privilege of looking at the naturally-occurring wonders around us and allowing them to permeate us with inspiration and hope. Beauty begets beauty. Its impact can bring us to a deeper appreciation for life, inspire us and give us hope.

We each can create space in our lives for beauty, for the lives of our family and children, and for others we touch each and every day. Living with this concept can be life-transforming and maybe, just maybe, it can broaden our world. Maybe it can lead us to less anxiety, anger, more peace and certainly more inspiration, especially in how we impact those around us.

I hope each of you can have a sense of beauty in your life that promotes such power and impact. I and so many others experienced that today.  I truly believe we all will be different for the rest of our lives.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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  1. Diane Wagenhals

    Wow, Gerry, what an inspirational perspective that weaves in the brain information so beautifully. We all need to find those moments to take in the beauty of creation to help ground us. It sounds like the Grand Canyon provided you with magical moments that allowed you to so deeply appreciate both the creation and the Creator. Thanks for sharing!

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