The Difference of 3 Seconds

Perhaps you have had moments of regret over a reaction witnessed by someone…particularly if that someone was your child.

The observation role

Take 3 seconds
A 3 second pause can help a parent avoid a regrettable moment.

When our children are witnesses to our more extreme reactions or frustrations, it is both embarrassing and regrettable because of the fear or anguish they experience which follows. Consequently, as we think about creating positive environments, we recognize these environments are largely controlled by parents and caregivers.

Let’s face it, children typically are impulsive, immature, egocentric, and can be frustrating to deal with just because they are beginning their development. Our reactions to circumstances and their behavior can have significant impact to how our children view themselves and their world.

At Lakeside, we teach about the Observation Role for parents and caregivers

The observation role allows parents and caregivers to take a breath and get perspective on why a child is doing what he is doing. In the following article, Rachel Stafford suggests that taking 3 seconds can make a significant difference in how we react to our children and circumstances.

Those 3 seconds can promote calmness and clarity to prevent “regrettable moments.” Even though 3 seconds usually would not work for intense anger, it can certainly help put a pause in our reactions. In so doing, we may be able to change those regrettable moments.

Take a moment and read her story.

I love these very practical new and very simple tools to help parents and caregivers provide better environments for our children. It is so important to how they will grow and develop emotionally and relationally.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network


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