Teaching Students About Their Brains

One of the keys to establishing a brain-based classroom is to help students understand how their brains actually function. As educators, we seem to do pretty well at telling them what they need to know and sometimes even how they should try to learn the information.  However, when students understand how their brains work, they are empowered to take charge of their learning, understanding and ability to retain information.

Students feel empowered when they understand how their brains work

parts of the brain
Understanding how the brain works helps children learn.

Dr. Judy Willis was a practicing neurologist who became a teacher. She has incorporated her neurological expertise into her teaching methodology and has made a commitment to empowering her students as they comprehend not only the neurology of their brains, but more specifically, how they learn.

I think it is insightful to hear a bit about her story and process.  The article is filled with worthwhile information. Here is the link.

Understanding helps learning take hold

Teaching students more than just subject matter is a new and exciting way to foster enthusiasm and promote learning. Blending brain neurology, an understanding of how learning occurs, and individual learning styles can truly empower students. It helps establish a new level of awareness and understanding which will encourage them to become successful in school and in life. Thank you Dr. Willis for your willingness to connect both sets of skill and expertise in behalf of your students.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network


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