Strengthening Executive Brain Functioning in Students

There is so much good information available to teachers regarding ways to approach students who are struggling with academic progress and/or certain disruptive or destructive behaviors. As most of you know, students struggling with brain regulation are most helped by staying in the cognitive part of their brain as much as possible.  This is the area of the brain where executive functioning occurs. So, it is important that this part of the brain be activated as much as possible in a classroom and learning setting.

The cognitive brain: ideas for boosting executive brain skills

Executive brain function
Ways to approach students who struggle to boost executive brain function skills.

Dr. Donna Wilson has written a recent article on this topic that I think is extremely useful in helping teachers understand how to strengthen executive brain functioning for their students. I think it has some very practical ideas for teachers to utilize. Click here to read it.

I am so excited to see this kind of research and practical application for teachers to be able to access and utilize in their approach to students who are struggling.

Thank you, Dr. Wilson, for your research and commitment to struggling students. I hope our very caring teachers will be helped by your valuable work.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

Source: Edutopia (post is co-authored with Marcus Conyers)

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