Dear Lakeside friends,

Words are inadequate to express our sense of palpable loss and extreme grief that we all are experiencing in what has been happening across our nation in these recent days. Not only have we witnessed the impact of a devastating global pandemic but also the predictable civil unrest that is a result of the senseless death of George Floyd.

Silhouette of the hands with icons of hearts
At Lakeside we believe that every child and adult should be able to live in a world that is free from fear, racism, prejudice, and violence. We stand for the dignity and sacred value of every human life. We as a society must not tolerate injustice and systemic racism that propagates messages and/or practices of bias, discrimination, inequity, or hate. We diminish our very humanity when we fail to realize and fulfill our God-given stewardship to love and care for one another.

We support and join African Americans in protest of the violence and brutality that was experienced by George Floyd. We lift our prayers for George Floyd’s family and friends. We recognize and acknowledge that Mr. Floyd’s death has resurfaced the harsh realities that we have failed to mitigate the impact of racism in our society. To that extent, we continue to snuff out the light of possibility for many black children and adults as they seek to live lives free of racial injustice.

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Core to our values at Lakeside is a humble respect for those who have experienced inequities and varied forms of trauma. We believe that respect should be inclusive to the trauma of racism and its impact. We commit ourselves to ensure that every teacher, community member, political and business leader, social worker, law enforcement official, and any related professional be trauma-informed and equipped to heal the wounds of trauma, to empower the vulnerable and to create a safe society.

Our deepest desire is to nurture the dreams and hopes of all of our children but especially those who are vulnerable. We invite all of you to become caregivers of this next generation. We have been given this unique time in history to bring dignity and limitless potential to their lives. If we join together, commit ourselves to the power of love and work diligently to create environments that are inclusive and just, we can be a united force of lasting change!

May it be so!


Gerry Vassar