Should Students Sit or Stand During School Classes?

At Lakeside, we recognize that most students struggle to keep their attention span sitting in a chair for long periods of time. It is one of the most difficult parts of school and learning for our students. Recent research has suggested that body movement does increase the capacity for focus and learning.  Plus our students today are in need of additional activity for problems like obesity and poor physical development.

Keep moving and keep learning?

standing desks for students
Students at Vallecito (photo courtesy of

So that some of our students can remain standing during class, we have provided some standing desks in our classrooms. These desks allow students to move a little during class, stay mobile and focus better on what their teacher is attempting to communicate.

This referenced article features classrooms at Vallecito Elementary School in California that emphasizes the use of stand-up desks to help students learn and keep them moving.

I sense that many schools will be experimenting with stand-up desks, and hopefully, some other innovations to help students focus, learn and develop academically. I am truly excited by the changing nature of our American classrooms and integration of innovations. I so admire this school and appreciate their taking the risk to try something different. It is truly exciting to think what these changes may mean to the lives of their students.

I am hopeful that more public and private schools will be seeking to learn about these and other changes which help students better achieve academically.  I am encouraged to see schools like this emerge.

It is also my hope that schools such as Vallecito Elementary will stick to new ideas and provide us with research as to how this is working in their environment. I do appreciate the fact they are willing to take a risk for the benefit of their students.

I would love to see this trend continue: where the needs of the students are met and schools are willing to seek some new options to encourage students to use their gifts and abilities.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network


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