Reversing the Trend of Bullying and Violence

We all see and hear too many discouraging stories of bullying and violence involving our children and teens. Children who have disabilities are frequent targets for bullying. However, in this post, I am sharing a video as an amazing testimony of how some great kids reversed this predicable pattern of behavior.

To bully or not to bully: it comes down to a decision

Teens decide not to bully
Inspirational teens make an intentional decision about bullying. (http://craigdailypresslcom)

A group of middle school football players made an intentional decision to have a very different kind of impact on one of their teammates. Everyone should take the time to watch this truly inspiring story. I think you will really enjoy it.

Here is the link:

The decisions made by these teenagers and the impact of their actions has left a life-transforming imprint in this young man’s life. I applaud these teammates for their unorthodox yet effective way to help an individual reach a goal that without their compassion would otherwise not have been possible.

What a different world this could be if we started a movement of moments just like this one…moments that will leave a positive legacy. This kind of story can inspire those who have obstacles in life become empowered to create opportunities of growth and success.

Thank you to this great group of football players for helping us see how we can help those around us in creative ways. You are truly an inspiration!

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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