Lakeside Connect: Dialogue to Transform Lives for Vulnerable Children, Teens and Families

Welcome to Lakeside Connect, the global Web site of Lakeside Educational Network. Lakeside continues at the forefront of dealing with some of the most crucial problems within America’s youth and families.

You may have heard of our continuum of educational and clinical services. We combine educational and customized therapeutic services in a range of programs. For nearly half a century, Lakeside has provided programs with transformational results for a regional network of:

  • school districts
  • juvenile justice systems
  • mental health systems, and
  • other educational, institutional, corporate or nonprofit organizations

Resources for “At-risk” Children and Teens

Partnering with institutions and organizations that deal with students who have had numerous difficulties in mainstream environments has allowed us to develop a unique approach and system of services. We help students who are classically labeled “at-risk” to achieve success and experience new opportunities for personal growth and development.

We understand that many special needs students do not have the option of attending a program where they are able to focus on their needs and achieve academic success. Because of our concern for vulnerable children, teens and families, Lakeside developed Lakeside Connect as a global resource.

Lakeside Connect is intended to inform, advocate and inspire those who will partner with us. Help us keep a regional and national dialogue alive as to how we can stay focused on the needs of so many students who are struggling to achieve some very basic goals—goals essential for their success in life.

Be Part of the Dialogue

Join us as we provide information in “one room”…as we pursue ways to advocate and inspire changes for how we view students, what they need and what actions we can take as a community to provide positive solutions to a host of complex challenges.

Together we can make a significant contribution to one of the most substantial issues we face in America today.

Our students are our future and our stewardship. I appreciate your willingness to help us help them by being a part of Lakeside Connect.

Gerry Vassar, President and CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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