Reflecting on Memorial Day, 2022

Happy Memorial day, Independence day concept made from american flag with the text on dark background.

As I watch so many of us celebrating the beginning the summer season I am reminded of the many opportunities and blessings that we have as a nation and as individual families. So many of us are taking time for refreshment and renewal this Memorial Day weekend. We are extremely fortunate to live in a country that is free and privileged.

I think of what has recently happened in the Ukraine and realize how quickly that can change.  Essentially their freedom and country has been hijacked by invasion and war. They have had to transport their families to another country while watching their own country being destroyed by bombs and attacks. They are diligently striving to save their freedoms and keep their families and homes intact.

As we remember the importance of Memorial Day we recognize that many individuals have valiantly died to protect the opportunities that we all have to be a free and democratic nation with all the privileges that are available to us on a holiday like this. We can enjoy food and fellowship as families and go essentially wherever we want to celebrate our time celebrating this national holiday. As difficult as it can be to look at some of the issues we face, we are still very much indebted to our military heroes who have given their very lives for our freedoms, our benefits and our prosperity.

Tahoma National Cemetery in Washington State on Memorial Day

In this past year we all have watched how COVID-19 has ravaged our families physically and emotionally. We have seen our democracy threatened. We have watched democracy globally be challenged. I believe life and freedom can be compromised so quickly if we do not work to defend the legacy that we have been given by the sacrifices of those who have gone before us.

This Memorial Day I hope everyone had a great time enjoying our freedoms and our families. I also hope we can stay very careful and vigilant in how we protect each other and the freedoms that we share in America. I hope we can pass on the legacy of freedom and the privileges we all share on a holiday like this to our children and grandchildren. 

May God bless those families who have sacrificed their loved ones so that we can enjoy our country. This is a holiday for great opportunities but also an occasion to honor and remember those who have made it all possible.

Gerry Vassar


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