Parental Involvement in Poorer Schools Can Make a Difference

Since Lakeside has four schools of its own and works with a number of school districts in our region, we can speak to the issue that schools struggle with parental involvement.  Sometimes school staff feel parents are involved a bit too much, but most of the time, they complain that parents are not involved at all.  Particularly in some areas of the country, this trend tends to be prominent and very difficult to change.

A story of how parental involvement changed a school’s environment

Parents involved in schools make a difference
Parents in poorer communities do care about their children’s schools. (Photo courtesy of Alan Richard, the Hechinger Report)

I love inspirational stories.  It is rare that I hear an inspirational story about parents who are instrumental in changing a school’s environment by their involvement and commitment.

The following is such a story in a very poor area of our country. It is to me proof of potential good that can happen if parents join their school staff and students to make a difference.  Here is the story:

I am so encouraged by such grassroots types of stories, where people unite around their schools to make significant changes and improvements on behalf of their children, their school and community.  I hope we can all learn from these inspiring parents.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network


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