Our Special Report: Bullying

If you have been following my posts for very long, you may remember that we began this blog by discussing what to expect through normal adolescent development as parents and caregivers of teenagers. Following those posts, we discussed the difficult issue of bullying, which led into our more recent topics of anger then violence.

For you, with our compliments

bullying special report
Download our complimentary Special Report: Bullying

Now you can download our special report on bullying, and also receive, embedded in the report, information about teenage development.

In a world where bullying occurs both in person and over the Internet, it is very helpful to review current research to better understand how to help your teenager navigate this prominent and potentially damaging phenomenon of our youth culture.

Features in the report include:

  • a review of typical teen “tasks”
  • help to understand why and how bullying happens
  • signs and forms of bullying, peer pressure and bullycide
  • how teens may make amends when an offense has occurred, and
  • suggestions for teens who may need special help.

If you have a child or teenager in your care, it is essential that you become informed about this life-dominating and potentially damaging issue. I urge you to download and read the report to learn all you can about bullying.

Can the information inside save the life of your child?

We do not think that this report is exhaustive, but we do believe that the information inside it can potentially save the life of your child or teenager. Why? Because we equip you with knowledge so you as a parent or caregiver will be able to recognize behavior that may reflect whether your child is the victim of bullying.

Of course, teenagers are always changing, but it is important to be aware of the signs of bullying that will put you on high alert. Knowing this information is a way to protect your child or teenager.

Easy to read

Preview sample page, Bullying
Preview sample page, Special Report: Bullying

So, take a moment and download Bullying. It’s a snap to download and very easy to read: just 44 pages, so you can get through it in a hurry.

Remember, this report could help to assess whether your child is being bullied, and it may protect your entire family as well.

It is so important that we are diligent and proactive in dealing with the horrid and damaging effects of bullying.

Thank you for taking the time to join our national dialogue. I encourage you to share your thoughts on any of our posts, reports or ebooks.

I will continue our discussion on violence in my next post. Thanks so much for reading my information.

Gerry Vassar, President and CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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