Non-Profit Leadership: What Keeps Executives Up at Night

Gerry Vassar, president and CEO of Lakeside, was recently spotlighted in a guest interview in Authority Magazine.

Non-profit executives are often portrayed in interesting ways. What I know is how hard it is to run any organization if you’re going to be diligent to make sure all the pieces stay in place and function well. In the non-profit world there are some special concerns that cause angst for leaders that is not only organization focused but mission focused. 

From my many years of non-profit management I have had a number of experiences where our future was threatened by issues that were out of my control. In those moments I had to consider the impact of my decisions that would impact our future as well as the futures of those we serve at Lakeside.  

I was just asked to join into a national discussion about the issues that keep executives up at night by Cynthia Corsetti, an esteemed executive coach. It was recently published in Authority Magazine. I thought it was relevant to non-profit leaders, so I joined in. For this post I am enclosing this interview as a way to bring awareness to some of the issues we struggle with as non-profit and organizational leaders.

It’s helpful to normalize the issues and struggles that we face as executive leaders. Leadership can be filled with concerns, decisions and issues that can be challenging and keep us up at night as we contemplate our next steps. I hope other leaders will be able to relate to some of the issues raised in the interview.

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