Neurosequential Model Inaugural Symposium – June 2014

We are so pleased to have some of our staff present this week at the international Neurosequential Model Inaugural Symposium in Banff, Alberta, Canada, which is sponsored by The Child Trauma Academy and Hull Services. This three-day conference will host professionals from multiple disciplines and will highlight emerging concepts and practices in the areas of trauma-informed care and brain development. Particular to this conference will be presentations that specifically focus on the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics as developed by Dr. Bruce Perry of Child Trauma Academy.

An essential conference on neuroscience, trauma-informed care and brain development

Dr. Bruce Perry
Dr. Bruce Perry will be speaking on the NMT model at the conference.

The theme in this inaugural conference is Brain Development and Trauma: Implications for Intervention and Policy.  Gathered will be those who are implementing some brain-healthy interventions in their respective organizations, practices and systems. It is an exciting, emerging movement with much to offer those children who are traumatized and need to regulate their brains.

Three individuals are in attendance from Lakeside’s sphere of influence. Suzanne O’Connor, who represents the United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey, and is our partner in the Greater Philadelphia Region. Diane Wagenhals is the Program Director of the Institute of Professional Education and Development (IPED), which is the professional development division of Lakeside Educational Network. Kathy Van Horn is the Executive Vice President of Lakeside Educational Network and is spearheading our brain-based intervention initiatives.

Presenting to an international audience

Together these three professionals are presenting to an international audience. They will share details about the impact of Lakeside’s programs both in regional trauma training and in helping students with interventions as a result of implementing NMT research and training by Dr. Bruce Perry and the staff of the Child Trauma Academy. It is an exciting opportunity for us to display our initial year of working with students at Lakeside School with these innovative ideas and interventions.

We are moving towards more trauma-informed and brain-based schools and organizations.

Implementing these neuroscientific programs is a way to help students focus, find emotional regulation and maintain calm in their everyday school experiences. Particularly with students who have experienced specifically learning issues and/or trauma, these interventions can make a huge difference as to whether they are able to succeed. Lakeside is truly leading the way in helping students become successful.

I deeply appreciate the work of all these individuals and their consistent commitment to our kids and families. United Way has been a progressive and dynamic community partner. Lakeside’s trainers and staff have been key to our success, and our students have really worked to embrace ways to take responsibility for their own brain states and brain health.

It is quite exciting to be presenting at such a prestigious conference and consider the potential that it may lead to others replicating our work in their respective systems. I hope that this inaugural event will launch many more neuroscientific programs and establish more brain-based interventions to help students all over the world overcome some of their obstacles and find new levels of success through this innovative approach.

I am very proud and appreciative of Suzanne, Diane and Kathy’s valuable work and experience. I send my best wishes and much success to all those at this important inaugural event.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network


The ChildTrauma Academy and Hull Services jointly present

Brain Development and Trauma: Implications for Interventions and Policy

June 10 – 12, 2014 at The Banff Centre in Banff, Alberta – Canada 

We invite you to join us for a gathering of professionals from across multiple disciplines for this three-day event that will highlight emerging concepts and practices in the areas of trauma-informed care and brain development with a specific focus on the Neurosequential Model.


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