Myths about our Educational System

In my orb of influence I find that many individuals circulate information that often is not accurate. One of the popular ideas is the zero tolerance policies that most schools currently tout as a way to reduce violence. Like many other myths, this is just not true. I appreciate the work of those who are researching the facts about our educational system and publishing that information in a clear and cogent way.

We need clarity to assess our educational system

Teacher and Educational Journalist
Teacher and Educational Journalist

This article on the Edutopia web site, written by Mark Phillips, cites eight myths that undermine our educational system from the research of David Berliner and Gene Glass. I find it helpful to be aware of such research so that we can have clarity and assess properly some of our policies, presuppositions and practices of our educational system. Here is the link to this insightful article:

In order to deal with the problems in our schools, I think we should be very careful about our conclusions and make sure that what we propose actually addresses the right issues in order to solve the right problems. We have a big job to do and we need our focus to be accurate and relevant.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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