Mental Health Action Day

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Thursday, May 20 is Mental Health Action Day. In the aftermath of COVID-19 millions of Americans have uncovered mental health struggles and conditions that should be attended to in order to recover and begin the healing process. The theme of Mental Health Action Day is a proactive approach to dealing with the issues that have been created by this pandemic. Here is the recent publication about this vital day from

While more people than ever before are comfortable discussing mental health, many fall through the cracks in the space between awareness and action – particularly those who have been marginalized or underserved by existing institutions.

That is why a coalition of nonprofits, brands and influential leaders are coming together to launch the first-ever Mental Health Action Day that will drive our culture from awareness to action. This moment will provide the tangible tools that will help us all take an action for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our community.

Further information on resources and approaches can be found on this link.

I appreciate so much the emphasis of taking action to proactively deal with any mental health concerns. We know that early intervention is vital to an effective process of recovery and eventual healing. 

Gerry Vassar


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