Many Applications for Lakeside’s Brain-Based and Trauma-informed Music

Following LakesideConnect? Then you have read about our recently released music intervention CDs.  In truth, they are far more than a form of music therapy because they are designed with current neuro-scientific research, as interpreted by Joe Hesh, our music therapist. And it is clear that these CDs have many applications.

Need to calm, focus or concentrate? This brain-based music can help.

Lakeside's Therapeutic Brain-Based Music CD Collection is now available.
Lakeside’s Therapeutic Brain-Based Music CD Collection is now available.

Now you can order these brain-based music CDs as one convenient set.  Simply click on the button below then input your information.


Lakeside has applied these CDs to a number of purposes in our therapeutic schools and witnessed the differences in students. Several other organizations, as well, have been experimenting with additional applications.

Helping children and teenagers reach cognition and the ability to learn

From the inception of this project, we focused on a variety of interventions to help children and teenagers self-regulate emotions. We noticed listening to music provided new ways for our students to calm and focus because the music moved their brain-states to a state of cognition, which in turn gave them the capability to learn.

Yet, there are many uses for this music other than promoting learning.

I have worked with some parents who are using the music selectively:

  • to help their children cope with stress
  • to ease the beginning of difficult days
  • to promote an environment for studying,
  • and just to be attentive to normal family communication.

Particularly when there are learning difficulties (or even more serious diagnoses such as Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome), we have found some of the CDs very useful. However, when there are different issues like these, one must be willing to experiment as the music may have different effects due to the uniqueness of each individual.

Use these CDs in public forums.

The music collection can also be used successfully in public or work environments:

  • in public forums to elicit a general emotion
  • to relax employees or encourage them to focus
  • to calm victims of trauma
  • to ease clients  or others who may be entering a new or stressful place or situation
  • to invite serenity for conversation
  • to promote logical thought, or
  • to prepare for a performance

The possibilities for using this music are endless.

Further, research is becoming more and more compelling as to how we may benefit from different forms of music intentionally designed to have a specific impact on the brain.

Thank you for reading about our new set of CDs. I hope you will have the opportunity to purchase a set.


Use them for children, teenagers, homes, schools and places of employment. (Don’t forget to enjoy them yourselves.) I am quite sure you will see a marked difference in the behaviors of those who listen to the music.

It is our sincere hope that this music and the future music being developed will provide one more helpful way to help us cope with the varied issues that confound us and leave us in a hypervigilant brain state.

We hope this will make a significant contribution to many lives.

Lakeside strives to offer additional interventions for those who are struggling. We hope to bring calm to stressed and complex lives, and we trust these CDs will help thousands of children and adults.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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