Lakeside’s Music Therapy: The Peace CD

In my last post, I introduced the idea of music for brain-based, trauma-informed therapy. Current research suggests music can have a major affect on a person’s brain state. To explain, when children or adults are highly stressed, unable to sleep, relax, or calm from life’s anxieties, there needs to be a certain type of music designed for that particular brain state.

Music to calm, promote relaxation or sleep

Therapeutic music by Joe Hesh
Soon we will be offering our Peace CD for purchase. Stay tuned to get your copy.

The Peace CD is our first and most popular project. It is designed for rest, relaxation, or sleep. In clinical terms, this process is called self-regulation.

The CD is designed to encourage solitude and a sense of calm. There is little or no rhythm in the songs. Because of the musical compositions, the CD helps the brain move from fear and anxiety toward cognitive peace and tranquility. It mimics what is often perceived as “spa” music that is relaxing in its design and flow.

How to use this CD.

This CD can be used when going to sleep, attempting to reduce anxiety, to lessen emotional intensity and severity such as unresolved conflict, when a calmer and more cognitive brain state is desired. It can also be used to facilitate meditation, contemplation and reflection because its impact soothes angst.

This tranquil music CD has been used in residential facilities and homes to help children and adults foster sleep. For counselors, the music can help individuals process their emotions and discover its effects on emotional stability and relational quality.

We are thrilled at the opportunity to provide our brain-based and trauma-informed music to our greater community.

The Peace CD is a great example of how music can bring balance and serenity to many challenging or anxious emotions, and stressors. Along with the rest of our therapeutic music, the Peace CD will become available on our web site very soon.

I will be featuring each CD in upcoming posts. My next post will feature our Dawn CD. Thanks for reading Lakeside Connect.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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