Lakeside’s Music Therapy: The Maintain CD

One of the difficulties an educator may have is dealing with students who are having a hard time staying on task. Interruptions in the student’s day may cause further challenges. Combine typical attention deficits with such disruptions and the student may have real difficulty continuing to progress or maintain momentum.

The Maintain CD is designed to help perpetuate daily routines

The Maintain CD (Joe Hesh, music therapist and composer) helps individuals stay on task.
The Maintain CD (Joe Hesh, music therapist and composer) helps individuals stay on task.

Different individuals imprint on varied stress triggers which can cause them to be more hyper-aroused and distracted. As these people walk through their day and listen to the Maintain CD’s diverse selections, the musical experiences tend to promote the ability to stay on track, aid concentration and motivation. Therefore, when obstacles exist to divert an individual from a routine, this CD can help him stay on course.

The Maintain CD features upbeat music that can help sustain a listener’s energy and continue to move through their day. It is particularly designed for activities that are constant, enduring and take some time to achieve. One could say it promotes perseverence through varied issues in the routines of our lives to add a sense of accomplishment and confidence because we achieve our goals.

The Maintain CD can be used in places where shifts in daily routines may be difficult to manage.

It will allow individuals to self-regulate, particularly during a tendency for distraction. The brain can focus on task. It is ideal for exercises like power-walking, a classroom project that will take time to complete, or an experience that will take endurance. It enhances concentration to help individuals who struggle to stay on task.

Helping students maintain their daily routine in a consistent, controlled way is so important to academic and personal success.

It is our hope that the Maintain CD will be a great tool for students to listen to as they journey through their day.

Once again, this is a part of our entire set of CD’s soon to be available on Lakeside Connect.

If you know of a program that works with children or teenagers, please be advised that these CD’s will be available in the next few weeks. We are truly excited to offer this CD and the entire set in order to give students the opportunity to self-regulate and to grow in every aspect of their lives.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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