Lakeside’s Music Therapy: The Focus CD

In our country, where so many students are labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder (and a number of other issues that make it hard for them to concentrate), Joe Hesh, music therapist, has developed the Focus CD to..well, help them focus. Whether a student or adult, this CD has a unique style of music that can facilitate the ability to be attentive and stay on task. I know there are some days even I need help staying focused.

Having trouble focusing? Try the Focus CD

The Focus CD does what its name suggests: helps one focus on task
The Focus CD does what its name suggests: helps one focus on task

Preliminary research in cognition has indicated learning can be enhanced for students by using music composed with fifty beats or less per minute.  With this research in mind, Hesh created the Focus CD to help individuals better concentrate on a task or series of tasks.

While the music of Focus is contemporary, it has a “Mozart-like” effect on the brain which for many students sharpens concentration and extends the attention span. The original music is instrumental, slower in rhythm and designed to be more like typical background music.

Perfect for study-time or periods of extended concentration

This CD is recommended for private study, accompanying the performance of assigned tasks or during prolonged times requiring concentration.

To explain, the CD is divided into different sections of music. Those listening to the CD should listen to each section in order to evaluate what songs would be preferred in varied settings. And we would appreciate feedback from those who are listening to the music regarding its impact on their ability to maintain focus.

We are experimenting with the Focus CD in some of our classrooms at Lakeside, particularly when we want students to take time to study or complete a project. The CD can become a great aid to classroom management and academic growth, a definite help to students.

This Focus CD is now being released and will be available on Lakeside Connect in the very near future.

Stay tuned as we continue to discuss brain-based interventions that we believe will help thousands of students self-regulate, and become more balanced in their behavior, their emotions and their perspective in life.

Gerry Vassar President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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