Lakeside’s Music Therapy: The Dawn CD

Music can have a major affect on a person’s brain state and Lakeside has had the opportunity to develop brain-based, trauma-informed music therapy designed to help our students, who are often challenged in ways that mainstream students are not, to self-regulate and get through their day. 

Music to energize and motivate students

Joe Hesh, Dawn CD
Joe Hesh’s instrumental CD helps one feel motivated and energized.

Joe Hesh, our music therapist, has not only developed calming music (The Peace CD) but also the Dawn CD. This new CD is in recognition how some of our students have a difficult time waking up or getting motivated during certain parts of the day. In fact, sometimes we all need a motivational boost in our day.

The Dawn CD is designed to help awaken the listener to a new day or set of activities.

It has a variety of instrumental flavors along with fun, musical toning and a more progressive beat. It has the flavor of hip-hop but done in a way that the music will feel contemporary because it highlights the music itself rather than any text or theme. This CD is helpful during moments of low motivation and/or when energy is needed to start a project, task or continue with one’s day.

Dawn’s listeners will notice different textural sounds throughout the CD. This diversity of texture allows for unique motivational styles to accommodate individual moods, feelings and needs. We have found some of the more interesting sounds have been stimulating in different ways to different personality types. Therefore self-regulation will occur differently with different selections.

This CD can be used most effectively in environments that have pronounced start-up events.

For example, this CD benefits the launching of a high-energy project, during moments of significant change, the beginning of a class, or the switching of one state of mind to the next. The music sets a tone that is light, fun and upbeat. It provides a soundtrack that encourages a sense of controlled energy and impetus.

So as you think about waking up or motivating a child or teenager, Dawn can help. It will establish an environment to maximize motivation and change.

We hope this CD will help many children and teenagers move forward in their lives by helping them move ahead to achieve new activities and establish new goals.

We will be making the entire five-CD set available soon on our website. Stay tuned to future posts to learn how to purchase our new trauma-informed music .

We look forward to the feedback we will be getting to those who purchase our latest therapeutic music creations.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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