Lakeside’s Music Therapy CDs Now Available: The Breeze CD

Music to counter troublesome disruptions and transitions

Therapeutic music for handling change and transition, by Joe Hesh
Therapeutic music for handling change and transition, by music therapist Joe Hesh

Now you can order this CD and all other brain-based music CDs in one convenient set.  Simply click on either button below then input your information.


About the Breeze CD

Many individuals who have trauma-like symptoms are fearful or even hyper-vigilant when changes or transitions occur. Whether the change is as simple as location (changing classes) or more significant, such as from one environment to another (going home from school or work), this style of music can assist the shift in one’s day or experience.

How to use Breeze

It relieves the anxiety of “What’s next?”

Listeners of Breeze will notice a gentle wind-down. The music features slower and more undercover tempos and groove tracks that calm but do not put you to sleep. As in all music, certain songs will have different impact depending on the individuals and situations in which it will be played.

Listen to Breeze to handle environments of change and transition

It is best recommended for use in environments of change and transition, such as:

  • in hallways between classes
  • during transportation between home and school or work
  • in heavy people traffic areas such as reception areas
  • even at home when there is a need to wind-down the day

You may also hear some songs that seem a bit familiar as some were written with specific instrumentalists in mind, and we thank those who have provided us with the wonderful musical experiences.

The Breeze CD is a part of a set of five trauma-informed music CDs especially developed to have a brain-based impact for listeners–to help them deal with high levels of stress or post-traumatic stress. We hope they will help children, teenagers and adults better cope with varied levels of stress in their lives.

We are thrilled at the opportunity to provide our brain-based and trauma-informed music to our greater community.

The Breeze CD is a great example of how music can soothe challenges for individuals. Along with the rest of our therapeutic music, you can order the Breeze CD by clicking the order button below. It will take you to a separate page where you can type in your order and payment information.


Thank you for your order.

We recently featured our Maintain CD, but each CD of our set has been featured so you can learn more about each one individually. We would be pleased to hear stories of how these Therapeutic Music CDs have helped you.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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