Lakeside’s Early Childhood Initiative Launch

Lakeside Global Institute unveils a trauma-informed program for early childhood centers, aiming to restore, certify, and support staff for holistic care.
Diane Wagenhals speaking to a group

This week, Lakeside Global Institute will launch a newly designed trauma-informed program for early childhood centers. It’s been a little-known fact that our ECE centers, that have been caring for thousands of children, were severely disrupted or even devastated by the COVID pandemic. This is such a tragedy due to the fact that children who needed care while their parents were working were unable to get that care, and the staff members lost their jobs or left the field totally.

It’s time to restore and bring new support for these centers that are essential for parents and children. We have provided services for many years to ECE centers, but now there is a drastic need to bring a new approach to how they trained and supported, particularly in ways that are trauma-informed and responsive.

We have designed a contextual program that has continuums of training for ECE staff with the opportunity for full certification. We have used years of experience, state and federal standards, and best practices and standards for imbedding trauma-informed care into the centers that will be in our network. 

We know there is a great deal of adversity, high ACE scores, post-pandemic struggles, and family struggles that impact our children. As we work to provide safe, professional, and nurturing places for children, and support for parents, we believe we can prevent many of the issues we have encountered in schools, families, and communities. This is truly a prevention model.

We will work to bring restoration to centers that have struggled to survive the pandemic. One of the significant factors is to help ECE teachers to reconnect to their love for children and their giftedness in providing quality care for them. Helping ECE centers provide this kind of care will help build environments that will be sustainable with continued potential to grow, develop and be places where children can thrive.

We also will attempt to raise the level of expertise and emotional and relational health for staff, students and parents through training and support in parenting as well as trauma-informed care. We will be using public health approaches that fulfill federal and state standards for quality assurance for early childhood providers. We will also provide levels of training so that centers who need to get started on this journey can start the process with ease and limited finances.

We’re hopeful we can build on our knowledge, curriculum, and training approach to incorporate the early childhood world into a dynamic environment of care for both staff and students. We are truly excited by this opportunity as we launch this new and much needed initiative.


  1. Kristen Veacock

    This is truly an exciting venture! The prevention piece is vital! Having ECE centers engage in trauma informed and responsive training as well as learning about the importance of relational heath will change the dynamic for so many children. I will be praying for LGI specifically and thank Lakeside for identifying and meeting a critical need.

  2. Julie O'Connor

    I am interested in learning more about this initiative and how to enroll a childcare center.

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