Lakeside’s Continuums of Trauma Training

Lakeside offers a continuum of training in trauma through Lakeside Global Institute, NeuroLogic® by Lakeisde, and Creating PRESENCE.

As we assess what’s going on in treatment programs, healthcare, schools, law enforcement, workplaces, and other situations, we recognize a hard reality: there’s a great deal of trauma and adversity people are dealing with in their sphere of life. The COVID pandemic woke us up to the hard reality of the prevalence of trauma globally.

As we communicate with professionals and organizations navigating the impact of trauma, one of the barricades is their knowledge base about resolutions for it. We find individuals are all over the map in how much time and energy they can give to participate in trauma training. Yet, they’re processing so much about how varied forms of trauma have caused such destruction and dissonance to their lives or the lives of those they are caring for.

Some people believe a little knowledge can be dangerous. However, the more you learn about trauma, even at an introductory level, the better you will understand and be equipped to respond to those who have been impacted by trauma. Maybe you will not be a therapist, but you can learn how to prevent triggering someone who has been trauma impacted.

For that reason, Lakeside offers a continuum of training in trauma. Our Lakeside Global Institute offers a wide variety of 2-hour workshops where you can learn a great deal in one session. The neurological information alone is so valuable in the Trauma 101 course. In Trauma 102, you can learn basic skills that you need to have to communicate effectively with someone who has experienced trauma. In addition to our basic workshops, there are specific workshops available in subjects like Trauma and Racism, Trauma and Cultural Sensitivity, Secondary Trauma, Trauma and Social Media, etc. 

If you work with students, our 4-hour NeuroLogic® course is perfect for helping teachers and administrators understand how to relate to students who are dysregulated. There’s also a complete curriculum you can purchase with aids for teachers. 

If you want to become a trauma-competent professional, Lakeside Global Institute also offers a complete 3-course certification program which equips you to offer professional help to trauma-impacted individuals. If you want to be a trauma-trainer, LGI offers a Train-the-Trainer program which allows you to be an adjunct trainer, when combined with other coursework.

Finally, if you want your entire organization to be trained and certified in becoming trauma-informed and responsive, Lakeside manages Dr. Sandra Bloom’s Creating PRESENCE program, which is designed to provide training for your whole staff to be certified as a trauma-informed organization through a comprehensive process. 

These courses are delivered in a variety of ways, but all can be taken online. Coaching is available as well as Zoom calls. One type of training does not fit everyone. Therefore, Lakeside, as a trauma resource organization, offers a complete continuum so we can fit your agenda and needs for trauma training. It’s our goal for everyone to become informed about the best way to deal with the trauma we are facing in our world.

If you want to know more, visit Lakeside Training to register for courses or contact our educational specialists. No one should be without quality, contextual training in trauma.

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