Lakeside’s Annual Meeting – 2022

Group of people meeting around a conference room table.
Group of people meeting around a conference room table.

Each year we have a very special tradition and celebration at Lakeside. We come together as a leadership team, Directors, and Board members to review our impact and results from the past year. It is a day of reflection which features all of our statistics and many incredible stories. This year was exemplary in our impact and was very special since we haven’t done this meeting in person for several years due to COVID-19.

We heard how each program reached into the lives of over a total of 5800 students. We provided educational, clinical, and behavior management services to these students through our programs and staff in 26 different schools districts. We provided Neurologic training to 39 schools districts with over 12,000 school staff members trained. That trained staff had an additional 120,000 students in their care. We also provided trauma training to approximately 6,000 professionals who help thousands of children and adults who were impacted by trauma. 

We heard story after story of students whose lives had been devastated by drugs, domestic violence, mental health crises, attempted suicide, school problems, family struggles, and so much more. We heard how our programs and staff provided environments where students could have the option to make significant changes in their lives where their trajectory went from a path of failure to new opportunities for success. 

When we hear about the anguish of what is happening with our youth all over the country we often ask, “Who will reach out to help these students?” or “How will we stop the violence in our schools?” or “Who is doing something about school shootings?” I can honestly say that Lakeside is working diligently in these trenches with some of the most serious youth problems via practical training, nurturing support, and true hope. We are building caring relationships with these students while providing them with the vital services they so desperately need.

We have also made huge impact in our systems of care. Not only do we work with thousands of students, but we also provide training and support to the organizations where they are present.  Our providers of education and many forms of clinical care are overwhelmed by the needs of their students. If we care about what happens to our youth, we also must care for those who are providing support to them. Lakeside is not only a direct caregiver, but is also providing indirect services to thousands of wonderful professionals who are working with some of our most difficult social ills.

What a day of powerful and meaningful reflection! We continue to be inspired by the many staff and leaders who are so committed to meeting the needs of those within our sphere of influence. It is a moment of phenomenal encouragement and celebration of all that we have been privileged to achieve in the past year. It compels us to continue to grow our mission and expand our impact as we strive to meet the needs of our region, our state, and our country.

I congratulate our leaders, our staff, and our Board of Directors for all of the valuable support and efforts which made this past year possible! We are truly blessed!

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO

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