Lakeside Wins Gold at 2023 Philadelphia Flower Show

One of the largest flower shows in the world is the Philadelphia Flower Show. Thousands of individuals attend to enjoy the designs of hundreds of floral artists who put together some of the most beautiful and dynamic floral displays imaginable.

This year’s theme is “The Garden Electric” which celebrates the giving and receiving of flowers.

I visited the event at the Philadelphia Convention Center. It was just fantastic! The floral extravaganza rose to its stellar reputation.

Of particular pride was our display: Lakeside School. Each year, our students in the horticulture program within Lakeside School put together a design, create a model, construct the display, tear down the entire set, load it into trucks and transfer it to the Philadelphia Convention Center, complete the reconstruction once inside, plant all the flowers, place all the detailed pieces of the display and then finalize it for judging and for the audience of the Philadelphia Flower Show.

Lakeside Greenhouse display at 2023 Philadelphia Flower Show.

This year’s Lakeside display was called, “What’s Your Color?” It features colors that “energize the artistic spirit with intensity and excitement.” The display is beautiful and this year Lakeside School Greenhouse was awarded the gold medal in their division. To think that our students in a very small alternative private school could compete with far more established educational institutions and win gold is incredibly impressive.

Flowers under wooden frame.
Flowers in a watering can.
Stone walkway with flowers in flowerbeds.

I want to congratulate our students and staff in our greenhouse for their diligent and artistic work to create this beautiful setting of intense color and artistic richness. The detail they crafted was rewarded by the judges. We are so privileged to be able to enter this international show. And now to be awarded a gold medal is a momentous accomplishment for our staff and students!

Gold medal award for 2023 Philadelphia Flower Show.

I want to commend Jon Klinger who has designed and lead the entire effort to make this possible. I am also most proud of our students who have worked for months to create this display and have overcome many personal challenges in their lives to be successful in this remarkable achievement.

You can see brief coverage of our display on the 6ABC Flower Show edition that is streaming on their website. Also, if you are able to attend the Philadelphia Flower Show Lakeside is located in area #25 where you will be able to enjoy our display personally and enjoy its incredible beauty.


  1. Joanna McClintock

    Met the two young men pictured at today’s show. Terrific ambassadors for your school and its programs. Great things ahead!

    1. Jonathan David Klinger

      Thank You – 2 young men ready to graduate and take on the world.

      Quite proud of them


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