Lakeside on the Move

As I write this post, my entire administrative and training staff are living out of boxes. We have packed everything we use in our work to be ready to move to the new Lakeside Headquarters in North Wales, PA. We are growing and need more space. 

We are having an impact and need more capacity to handle it.

Yes, one of our objectives with this move is simply to create more space for our growth. In fact, because of it, we have designed a very special place for our staff to operate which accommodates a suitably attractive, professional foundation for launching all of our programs and training.

However, as any non-profit, we strive to place most of our resources into our programs, staff and clients.

So, we are very slow to place excessive energy into our administrative and training offices.  Yet, we have been inundated with requests for trauma-informed training and for our Neurologic for Schools training from all over the country and even other countries in the world.

We have made the commitment to be consistent to our training even in how we have designed and constructed our headquarters. It is a place of artistic beauty, calm, and openness. It has some of the same environmental shapes and sounds that will help our staff and clients be able to enjoy meetings while we strategically plan for significant systems’ reform: how we respond to trauma and how we structure our educational systems.

Trauma-informed training of the highest caliber

On the one hand we want to provide the highest nurturingThen, on the other hand we also will provide choice technology designed to promote sophisticated, proven, and meaningful training that will positively impact lives all over the world.

In this facility we will train, stream, broadcast and support those in our country who need to understand the impact of their own traumatic pasts as they learn how to help and support those around them who have been trauma-impacted. We hope to lead the way in providing systems that ask carefully of their clients, “What happened to you?” and not “What’s wrong with you?”

We are so appreciative of those who have helped us make this renovation and move possible.

We have renovated a basic industrial warehouse reasonably priced per square foot to be a place of beauty, healing and hope. Now, we are in the process of restructuring and launching this new phase of our national and international presence.

In coming posts, you will soon see some of the new ideas and training programs we will be making available to systems all over the world that care for children.  We feel as an organization we are on the brink of new opportunities to expand our impact as good stewards of the wealth of knowledge, neurological research and professional skills we will be offering to our systems of care.

I think we will all be glad to be out of the boxes and relocated. 

But as excited as I am about our incredible new environment, I am more excited about strategically planning with many partners all over the world how we will better care for those who have experienced adversity, trauma and many other difficulties in life.

This new expansion of our mission has been part of our dream. For decades, we have desired to take all we have learned in our work and replicate it all over the world, to see people experience emotionally healthy lives.

I am so deeply grateful and privileged by this new step in our growth and expansion of changing lives and providing renewed hope.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network


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