Lakeside Goes To Norway from Pennsylvania, USA

We have been privileged to have many opportunities to present our Neurologic School-Based training to many regional charter schools, public schools, and now internationally.

Professionals learn about Lakeside’s Neurologic School-Based Training

kathyjoshOver the past two weeks, Kathy Van Horn and Josh MacNeill from Lakeside’s staff were invited to present our Neurologic training system to a number of schools and organizations in Norway. Hundreds of professionals who participated in the training were enthused to learn new ways to utilize the Neuroscience of brain regulation and related techniques to help their students self-regulate and be better prepared to learn and grow.

Neurologic can be characterized as a trauma-informed and brain-based approach to dealing with students in a school setting in ways that help students maximize their ability to learn.

The tools of neurologic

Using pulse-oximeters, our facility dogs, fidgets, drumming, music, neuro-feedback, rocking chairs in classrooms, stand-up desks, physical movement and a number of other techniques, our school staff give students the opportunity to regulate their brain-states in ways that are most effective for each student. In many ways, it honors the individuality of each student while applying techniques and strategies that facilitate their ability to deal with their stress, anxiety and other issues.

It encourages them to  take responsibility for their own brain-state while attending their classrooms and doing their daily school work.  We also have systems of support through their relationships with our staff to help students get through some challenging moments in the school day.

We are so pleased that Lakeside is now known in Norway for our Neurologic approach.

Already the educators in Norway are requesting that we return for a broader training to other schools and organizations. We will also be doing follow-up in Norway with our own broadcast technology in order to help them apply our Neurologic concepts in their schools and classrooms.

We are truly excited about the potentials of Neurologic training to schools everywhere. 

When there are caring staff members, strong relationships and a brain-based approach, the potentials are very compelling to help students regulate and learn.

We are privileged to have such talented and trained staff in our four Lakeside schools.  They consistently have worked diligently with our students to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment where we have learned how to apply our Neurologic principles and concepts.

We have established these models of care so that we can teach them to others who are striving to manage their students’ lives and help them reach their personal and academic goals.

We are looking forward to many more opportunities to help students across the globe become healthier and more successful as a result of our Neurologic training.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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