Lakeside Co-sponsors “Educate the Heart” Conference

When we reflect on the multi-dimensional issues our families and caregivers face, I don’t think we can start early enough or provide enough help and guidance to assist in caring for our children. I have been writing quite a bit about brain-based interventions which can help regulate children’s and student’s brains. While more and more information exists on this topic, we actually still need to find ways to place these interventions so our caregivers and teachers to know what, when, and how to implement them.

Conference to provide latest neuroscience research to professionals working with infants, toddlers and elementary-age children

Lakeside presents neuroscience conference to professionals who work with young children
Educate the Heart Conference: Co-sponsored by Montgomery Early Learning Centers and Lakeside Educational Network

Lakeside Educational Network and Montgomery Early Learning Centers joined professional development resources to co-sponsor a very personalized conference entitled Educate the Heart.  The conference will be held on January 31, 2015 at Montgomery County Community College in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

At this session, we are privileged to present to 250 professionals who are working with infants, toddlers and younger elementary aged children. It will be a day of discussing how professionals who provide care for our children can utilize the latest neuroscience research to raise their awareness, expand their skills and create brain-based environments for the children in their care.

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It is our hope that this conference will provide one of many initiatives to help our professionals to be more aware, informed, inspired and equipped to deal with the multi-dimensional issues they face in dealing with so many children each and every day.

Further, we also hope to increase the confidence of our regional professionals who will be able to help children regulate their brains, which will give them more capabilities to relate to those around them calmly and learn more effectively.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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