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I want to take a one-time break to acknowledge and reflect on two individuals who have had tremendous impact at Lakeside Educational Network.

Honoring unsung leaders: John Bell and Florence Greenwood

Lakeside School, Horsham, PA
Lakeside thanks John Bell and Floppi Greenwood for years of dedicated service to our Board of Directors

One of the most critical challenges in non-profit organizations is finding and retaining reliable and long-standing members for the Board of Directors, particularly leaders who both understand and support the organization’s mission.

As in most non-profits there have been many years of struggles as we have developed the programs of Lakeside Educational Network.  In my over 29 years there have been amazing highs and almost frightening lows.  Through it all I have had the privilege of working with leaders of quality character on our Board of Directors.

Most recently Lakeside experienced the resignation of two such leaders from our Board: John Bell and Florence (Floppi) Greenwood. These two individuals have been at the heart of Lakeside as its mission began and evolved.

John Bell has been in the leadership and Board since Lakeside’s inception. 

He has provided 52 years of dedicated service with a commitment that has given us deep roots, stabilizing strength and a very rich history.  John has been in almost every key decision, undergone paradigm shifts and endured many risks. From the brink of huge financial and personal crisis, John stood by and with Lakeside.  He, and his wife Marge, and their family have been a vital part of our journey.  I want to acknowledge John for his years of service to Lakeside and wish him and his family wonderful years of retirement and relaxation.

Floppi Greenwood is a woman that I met when I was achieving the first Lakeside makeover. 

In the late 80’s, Lakeside desperately needed to upgrade all of its décor and furniture.  Floppi was a vital part of Greenwood Furniture in Southampton, PA and helped me completely refurbish our facilities: new carpet, décor and furniture that she, and her husband Ken, discounted for Lakeside. I could have never accomplished the task without her.

This time in our history set the stage for everything we were about to experience.

Floppi came on our Board in 1989. She and Ken recently relocated to Lancaster, PA.   This dear woman has been a huge support to Lakeside and has worked with the Board and me to make sure that Lakeside has maintained its values and continued to grow in its mission to students, families and professionals. Floppi, an intuitively wise woman, has been a stabilizing and quiet but respected voice at Lakeside for these many years.

What a unique privilege to have two very faithful volunteer leaders. 

Both John and Floppi have epitomized the highest quality of character, leadership, support and guidance to the staff and programs of Lakeside.  Usually a non-profit leader tends to serve for just a few years before moving on. Cumulatively, these two individuals have given over 70 years of volunteer leadership at Lakeside. They have given of themselves unselfishly and been a huge encouragement to me.

I want to thank John, Floppi and their families for their effective and stellar leadership of Lakeside Educational Network.  My personal partnership with them has been a unique privilege and a great personal blessing.

John and Floppi, congratulations on a job well done.  You have my deepest respect, love and appreciation for all you have done for me, our leadership, our staff and the thousands of students we have served through these many years.  What a great example of service and faithfulness you have been to us all.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank  you!

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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