Currently, Lakeside serves 45 school districts in 7 counties by providing trauma-responsive counseling and school staff support. In that capacity we provide counseling to over 5,000 students per year who are struggling with many different personal struggles.

Our trauma-informed staff provide counseling and group support to students and professional development to staff in order to create environments where there are opportunities for students to overcome their adversities, learn to regulate their emotions, and be successful in their relationship and academic progress.

In-School Counselors

Lakeside’s In-School Counselors are crucial to providing essential support to students with behavioral health or special education needs.

The services they provide have proven to be an invaluable resource as both a prevention strategy for students at risk of being out-placed, intervention, or as a component of transition for students returning to public school from an alternative, mental health or juvenile justice placement.

NeuroLogic® by Lakeside

NeuroLogic® exists to educate and support schools and youth-focused organizations with practical, brain-based approaches to creating sustainable, supportive, and emotionally safe environments.

We combine a trauma-informed understanding of children with a brain-based approach to education that provides you with countless practical and effective strategies to meet the needs of all learners.