How You Can Become a Trauma-Advocate

As a country we have been watching election results and attempting to predict what we as a country might be in for in the newly elected Congress. What is true is that our government has huge impact on what happens nationally and globally. I think the funding given to Ukraine was very revealing about our capacity to provide resources for certain causes that are important to us.

As I have written before in my posts, so many of our social problems like drug addiction, suicide, mental health crisis, violence, poverty, child abuse, domestic abuse, shootings, and other related issues find their origin in trauma. In other words when someone has a trauma history, we find that their attempts to regulate their emotional state often end up in coping mechanisms and stress responses that are not healthy and often destructive. Over time this stress manifests itself in behavior that has significant consequences to families and communities.

As our new leadership sets priorities and funding for the years to come, it will be important for those of us who have concerns to speak to the issue that trauma needs be addressed in this next round of government funding and priority. While there are many valuable causes, the trauma work is core to so many issues that we spend billions of dollars attempting to resolve. We need new approaches, training, and support for those who work with trauma-impacted individuals in order to prevent some of these serious consequences.

One organization that is a leader in national advocacy for trauma causes is the Campaign for Trauma-Informed Policy and Practice in Washington, D.C. I know the leadership of CTIPP and they are committed to mitigating the impact of trauma through advocacy, legislation, education, and eventual funding. One of their pleas is that we all contact our senators and representatives in Congress to make our voices heard about the issue of trauma and its impact on our communities and country while they set the next national agenda.

One step you can take is to simply go to their website to become informed. At this site you can find a variety of ways to participate. You can participate in CAN calls that are relevant to the issues that face our nation related to trauma. There are opportunities for you to be an advocate as well.

This issue is too important to ignore and we are seeing record numbers of individuals struggling from what we have all gone through due to COVID-19. We desperately need change and I believe this is a great starting point. Take a look at their website and contact your representatives to let them know how important this issue really is to our country.

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