How to Have a Balanced Holiday Season

As we enter this holiday season, it’s my hope that you will find it to be full of enjoyment, fulfillment, and wonder. Too often the stress of the season can be the prominent emotion! Usually, that stress is rooted in expectations that may be unrealistic and not focused on the joy of this beautiful holiday season.

How do we stay regulated and balanced in these next few days? There are many ways to do that, but I would suggest 3 specific approaches to create a season that’s fulfilling and enjoyable. In good sermonic structure I would like to suggest 3 positive F’s for the holidays.


This holiday is rooted in our faith. The sacred aspect of God’s gift to us at Christmas is such an important part of how we are loved, how we belong, and how we can connect to His salvation, grace, peace, and promise. It’s an affirmation of the sacred part of our spiritual heritage.


The holiday should be a time of family gathering. Although some of us can miss family members who have passed on, we still can cling to the family we have, enjoy multi-generational gatherings, enjoy our children and grandchildren, and cherish the relationships that are so important to our lives. We can lay aside some of the family conflicts and enjoy the presence of one another with a spirit of unity and love.


This is a season of celebration! Although some individuals may have high expectations, we really can choose to spend time in laughter, humor, affirmations, and activities that are enjoyable. It’s not a time for demands, disappointments, or stress management. There’s enough of that during the year. Laughing with each other and about each other is regulating, endearing, and even enjoyable. Creating activities that we all enjoy like unwrapping presents and attending fun events can be enriching for friends and family. Plan for some fun for everyone and create memories that will be meaningful for years to come.

I wish each of you a balanced and enjoyable holiday season. There is so much stress in the world; perhaps this holiday you can relax, de-stress, and find good balance.

Happy Holidays to you all!

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