How to Develop an Exemplary Train-the-Trainers Program

Lakeside Global Institute trains thousands of professionals yearly in multi-levels of trauma awareness and responsiveness. We have developed a long list of workshops and full courses with certifications that equip our professionals who deal with individuals who have been impacted by some form of adversity or trauma. One hard reality is that in the post-pandemic world, there has been an increase in the numbers of individuals who have experienced this kind of adversity.

Since our training is reaching over 20,000 participants per year, we find that organizations and communities need to have their own resources for trauma workshops. There are so many situations where there is a need for training that we felt the need to develop a train-the-trainers certification. This makes our training available to more individuals in local communities on a regular basis so that our training will have a permeating effect at very low costs to those who desperately need our information and skills.

Often this type of program is offered if someone simply knows the information that is presented in a written curriculum. However, the world of trauma is complex with very specific information, the ability to process responses to this information, extremely effective listening skills, discussion leadership skills, the understanding of how groups develop and how to work with co-trainers that will be managing the training process and on-going development of trauma-based skills. In other words, it is not like teaching a specific subject or skill set. It is something that has impact to lives that sometimes feels like educational therapy. 

For those reasons, Lakeside Global Institute offers a train-the-trainers full course that focuses on these types of issues. It comes with discussions, practice of skills and mentoring of those being trained. At the end the participants have to demonstrate their skill level and are then permitted to train trauma workshops in their own sphere of influence to fellow professionals who encounter trauma in their work or community experience. These workshops cover a wide range of topics including basic trauma, the skills of trauma, trauma for health care workers, the trauma of racism and many more. 

Since the issue of trauma has many difficult emotions and facets, we are very thorough about how we equip our trainers to do this very intense work. We believe that our train-the-trainer certification and the licensing of our curriculum is thorough, effective and compassionate to those that are trained. Building a program like this needs to be done with intentional design that is contextual to the many issues our trainers face.

It is our hope that as we expand our outreach through our many trainers that our information will be more available and well presented to many participants. We continue to work diligently to build in supports and quality to our training process as we touch tens of thousands of lives.

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