How to Be More Creative

I often find that life hands us so many challenges we sometimes get ourselves in a routine that holds little or no interest.  Because we are consistently working so hard to maintain, navigate and negotiate life, work, family and obligations, we have little time to think outside the realm of those activities.

Ideas to help you out of a rut

The brain loves to be creative
Expand your creativity. ( and University of Kentucky)

When we are in a rut, we lose our sense of creating new ideas and better ways to do things. Worse, we tend to perpetuate some of our past destructive patterns.  Added to that are the limited opportunities to change and grow due to what others expect of us.

What’s missing? Our sense of creativity.

We need to be open to change, to create new ways to do life. It is important to realize that creativity is a huge part of what the brain can do.

If we want to establish more creativity, I think it is very helpful to understand how we can find creativity using our brain, by taking a few practical steps. I believe information like this Ted Talk can be very helpful in suggesting how to stimulate creativity in the brain. Here is the link:

These steps do not seem too overwhelming to me. I think all of us can see these suggestions as feasible, and implementing them just may improve our creativity and problem-solving, and lead to interesting discoveries as we find new ways to overcome life’s obstacles.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network



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