How Schools Can Lower Suspension Rates and Raise Graduation Rates

One of the most problematic areas in education is how many students are not graduating. It just should not be an issue in this country to have students who drop-out or do not graduate from high school.  In the article by Meredith Kolodner, the Hechinger Report, a trauma sensitive approach to school discipline has been adopted by the Metropolitan Business Academy (MBA) and some other schools in Connecticut. 

A trauma-sensitive  approach to discipline

Students benefit from breathing exercises to calm their brains. (photo courtesy of
A trauma-sensitive approach to discipline helps students succeed.

I think the article is self-explanatory and outlines some key elements of this valuable approach to dealing with students who are struggling to succeed in typical school settings.  Here is the link:

Like MBA, our schools at Lakeside are saving so many students from the path of failure by offering them new ways to succeed. I am so excited to see that many schools in our country are adopting policies that really help students succeed rather than more punitive measures. It is actually improving graduation rates for a population where the failure rate is so very high.

I do hope we are seeing a trend that will catch the wave of trauma-informed care for our students who need this kind of environment to succeed.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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