Honoring Our Early Childhood Education Professionals

There are so many wonderful individuals who are daily caregivers for children, whose parents (or single parent) are working to provide the resources for their family.  Quality childcare is a challenge because limited funding is provided for Early Childhood Programs, affecting many aspects that come with that.

Early childhood education professionals are key to growth and development of our children

Groundbreaking ECE initiatives in funding will help our children
Brain-based educational tools and supporting information to be presented at the Educate the Heart Conference

These wonderful early childhood education (ECE) care professionals usually  are both underpaid and unappreciated.  However, they genuinely are key to the emotional, relational, educational and motor development of the children in their care.

ECE Professionals confront diverse challenges each day: managing classrooms, behavior, emotions, special needs and so much more.  One way to honor our childcare professionals is to provide inexpensive and quality training to help them with their jobs.

It is rare to find a superior level of quality of professional development that would effectively make a difference in how ECE Professionals care for our children.

It is for the above reason that Montgomery Early Learning Centers and Lakeside Educational Network have structured a conference designed especially for Early Childhood Professionals. Both organizations are seasoned in professional development.

Presentations will include new ways for these Early Childhood Professionals to nurture and develop the children within their care. 

The emphasis, however, will be on understanding the sensory nature of children which encompasses how to calm, focus, and help them play in brain-sensitive ways. This perspective will increase the knowledge of those who work with children in an Early Childhood Center.

We intend the Educate the Heart Conference to honor over 300 professionals. 

They will receive quality professional development, new understanding of how to provide better growth environments for children, clarity on their own roles, support for their needs, and lots of fun raffles and giveaways.

The conference will be held at Montgomery Community College this Saturday, January 31. It will be purposed to energize our great professional community of caregivers. We hope they will enjoy the opportunities to be nurtured, supported and inspired.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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