Hogg Foundation Launches Trauma Initiatives

One of the signs that we are making progress on raising awareness and resolving some of our most significant social problems is when our foundations begin to launch funding initiatives that address those problems. The Hogg Foundation has just released a Request for Proposal that is designed for schools to help students manage behavioral problems.

Trauma at Home can Mean Trouble at School

depressed teen boy
Trauma at home can affect student school life.


The emphasis is on trauma-impacted students being supported by new approaches to trauma-informed care of these students. I am extremely pleased to see these types of funding priorities emerge from our philanthropic world.

It’s becoming apparent that students who have experienced trauma at home are more likely to experience behavior problems at school. This can all lead to more trauma, to more struggles in school and eventually to more problems and discipline than in the first place.

Here is the link with more from the Hogg Blog:

These types of initiatives can bring us funding for the right kinds of issues related to our students who are struggling with their home, community and school. I am looking forward to some of the innovative programs that will be funded and the impact they will have on so many students in their sphere of influence. I am extremely encouraged by the work of the Hogg Foundation. I do hope this will set some new trends in funding for our trauma-impacted schools and students.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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