Helping Philadelphia School District become Trauma Informed

I have been writing about how Lakeside and other schools are changing their values and practices around brain-based interventions.  Frequently those interventions accommodate individuals who have suffered high levels of trauma, such as in urban locations.

What to do when trauma impacts students every day

Philadelphia School District
Urban school students frequently deal with trauma every day. With IFP, teachers can learn how better to respond.

In urban environments, trauma has significant impact to the everyday experiences of students and teachers in school. Lakeside understands this firsthand.

Through its IFP professional development training, Lakeside has had the opportunity to work with the Philadelphia School District, thanks to funding from United Way of Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey, and some wonderful contributors. This has been a firsthand opportunity to work in an environment where so much trauma and tragedy exists.

In the October 10, 2014 issue of The Notebook, an independent publication about the Philadelphia School District, the lead article profiled our training and the differences it has made in how administrators and teachers more effectively deal with their students who have experienced significant life-challenges.

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Read how we can impact our schools with the right core beliefs and training.  Here is the link.

We can help your school district, too.

It is our hope that more school districts will allow their staff to benefit from this type of training, to have the same opportunities and outcomes that The Philadelphia School District staff members have experienced.

Further, it is my hope that all teachers and administrators, especially those in large urban cities, will become trauma-informed. This alone will change the fabric of education in our cities.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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