Happy New Year – 2024

As the year ends, reflecting on both joys and challenges, there's a call to action for creating safer, healthier environments for children globally. Happy New Year!
kids hand following line with arrow going upward to 2024 new year

We are concluding yet another year which seems to come so quickly. Yet so much has happened to our lives in the past year. There have been good moments and extremely difficult ones for most of us. 

For our children we still have so many struggles in our country and across the globe. Children are living in war zones, global poverty, violence and so much more. Even in our own country we still are struggling with abuse, neglect, trafficking, bullying, drug use and the largest mental health crisis we have ever faced. 

As we consider how we will make commitments to this next year, we must consider how our children are faring in their world. It gives me a sense of urgency to make significant changes on behalf of our children. They need environments that are peaceful, safe, and emotionally and relationally healthy, where they can grow, thrive, and find a meaningful future.

It’s important for parents to have the tools to raise their children to become healthy adults. We need our early childhood staff to be trained to provide safe and trauma-informed environments for our young children. We need our schools to be places of safety and regulation where children and teenagers can learn. We need our systems of care to work effectively to help those who have mental health issues and other related issues. We need a safer country where violence is severely reduced, and our children are physically safe.

This is a matter of our own volition to do our part to work on issues we’re concerned about that exist in our own spheres of influence. We certainly can start with our own family, but we also should be considering our community and all those who are caring for children and teenagers.

At Lakeside, we’re committed to helping children and teenagers all throughout our region with direct services that will have significant impact in their lives. We’re also expanding our training to help caregivers become equipped to help children in their care to be nurtured and supported. Also, we’re working to help kids who have been identified with special needs have access to the services they need to overcome their life obstacles. 

There’s so much to do and we all can be involved to see the world change positively. It does start with each one of us doing our part to be child advocates for our own children and for those children in our communities.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year as we anticipate all the good things we can do together to make the world a better place for our children and communities. I look forward to providing posts that I hope will be relevant to that mission in the year to come. 

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