Happy Holidays from Lakeside

Incredible energy is given to the Season of Christmas all over our country: for family gatherings, gift-giving, wonderful meals and spiritual renewal.

Grateful for helping those in need

For many families, the holidays are a great time of enjoying one another.

woman in emotional distress
Holiday memories or circumstances may be difficult for some

Yet, for others, it is a time of distressing memories…moments when loved ones, who are part of our past Christmases, or who are no longer with us, are remembered. For those who have emotional struggles, the holidays can bring the experience of those difficult emotions again. Some families have financial hardships due to unemployment and the overall affects of our economy.  And, some families have a myriad of relational struggles that surface stressfully during the holidays.

I am so grateful for those who are giving unselfishly to help others in need. I know many individuals, churches, organizations and families are working diligently to help children and families all over our country with food, gifts, money and other kinds of valuable support. The stories are heart-warming and inspiring.

The gift of relationships

As we remember the joy and hope of the Season, we recognize that Christmas is a wondrous time to celebrate the truths and values that are deeply spiritual–values of love, giving, joy and hope. It is a time, whether as family or friends, we acknowledge that some of our greatest gifts are the gifts of one another and the depth of relationship we share.

This Christmas, I do hope each of you is with someone you care about and has a memorable place to be.

If you have a child or teenager in your life, please take some time to open your heart, love them and experience the fun of who they are during this wonderful season.  It is a great time to affirm them!

family pic
The holidays are a fine time to affirm your children.

Our most precious gifts in life are the ones that are lasting and have true meaning: our faith, families and friends. I do hope each of you find time to celebrate and enjoy lasting gifts in this Season of hope and joy.

Happy Holidays to you all!

Gerry Vassar, President and CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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