A Video about Happy, Healthy and Creative Hackschooling

One constant source of struggles and conflicts with our teenagers occurs as we try to get them to attend school, pay attention in class and do homework. Think back; all of us can admit that although we may have some good memories of our school days, most of our classroom experiences were less than ideal. No wonder, then, in today’s technologically sophisticated environment, our teenagers are bored in a traditional classroom and would love a different experience in which to learn. Couldn’t school actually be fun?

The Hackschooling mindset: creativity, like happiness and opportunity, should be practiced daily

Logan LaPlante talks about his ideas for learning, a method he calls Hackschooling
Logan LaPlante talks about his ideas for learning, a method he calls Hackschooling

I honestly do think they teens have a good point. With the millions of dollars we spend and the commitment we are putting into education, things should be better.

However, some unique and wonderful models for education are helping students grow their knowledge, expand their creativity, develop new life skills and become well-rounded individuals who are happy, fulfilled and working towards career and personal goals.

Enter Logan LaPlante and his idea about Hackschooling.

I thought this video on Hackschooling by 13-year-old Logan LaPlante shared valuable insights about how our teenagers could love to be learning. It is not that they do not want to learn, but that the way we are teaching fails to motivate them. I will let Logan explain his idea of Hackschooling in this video.

Imagine how different our conversations would be if we were to rethink school and provide innovative opportunities like Logan’s for our students. I really think it would make a huge difference to our teenagers, their families and our schools. Let’s all brainstorm and help make it comfortable for some changes.

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network


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