Graduations at Lakeside 2016

In this past two weeks, Lakeside Educational Network with the help of our corporate sponsors held 4 different graduation luncheons.

Graduation 2016 at Lakeside Educational Network

Our Upper Merion Vantage Academy, Souderton Vantage Academy, Lakeside Girls Academy and Lakeside School held ceremonies that celebrated the accomplishments of our Lakeside students. Parents, School District representatives, family members, our staff and others attended to acknowledge the accomplishments of so many of our seniors.

This is a significant set of accomplishments for our students since many (while attending mainstream schools) were on the road to fail and not graduate. Some of them were told they would never graduate, and some were on the brink of giving up.

lunch w_teacher6
Student has lunch with a teacher.

Placed in the care of our educators, clinicians and behavior managers, these students worked diligently through their personal and academic issues. For many, it was a time full of struggles, challenges and difficulties. They had to listen to our staff, change many of their perspectives as well as behavior, and work every day both on their behavior and academic progress.

It was so exciting to see over  60 students among the programs wearing their caps and gowns, walking into the luncheon, giving speeches and being acknowledged for their work and effort.

We even had a parent speak, who with tearful reflections, conveyed what a difficult year it had been for their family. Yet, through it all—through the work at home and at school—her daughter fought through addictions and so much and graduated successfully.

Many stories of rescued lives emerged during this past year.

By the care and diligence of a dedicated set of educators and clinicians, these students found the success most never anticipated. They experienced restoration to their families.  They overcame huge obstacles and created new avenues to wholeness and a positive future.

In the midst of so many tragedies and discouraging news, it is profoundly encouraging to be able to see these great outcomes as a result of people who care about students and who can help them find new opportunities for growth and development.

The privilege of having a positive impact

We are excited, and so very privileged, to stand in the place that we do each year …to have such positive impact in the lives of thousands of students at Lakeside.  It just goes to show what can happen when caring people use their strengths and gifts to help those who are courageous and willing to take some growth steps towards their goals.

Congratulations to our graduates and our staff at Lakeside!

Gerry Vassar, President/CEO, Lakeside Educational Network

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